Creating A Portfolio

Considering I created a recent post discussing the importance of building a proper resume and cover letter, I thought I would do the same for portfolios and their importance to individuals looking for work. In addition to submitting a well-structured resume and cover letter for one of my courses, my class and I are also expected to hand in a portfolio and present its contents to our professor, a situation that often occurs in job interviews.

The professor for this course (Organizational Communications) provided our class with some information pertaining to what should be included in a portfolio, therefore I credit this information to her. She advised that our portfolios consist of four main sections; copies of personal achievements, copies of work affiliated with our education at Niagara College; copies of work affiliated with any previous post-secondary institutions; and copies of published work if we have some to include. She advised providing a table of contents in the portfolio for our own benefit and further the benefit of anyone looking at your portfolio, and her advice really helped me personally in the composition of my own portfolio.

As for the portfolio itself, she suggested purchasing a black portfolio with binder rings insider to keep things secure. She advised enclosing every document in the portfolio in a clear protective sheet, and all of these materials are available for purchase at Staples.

I had a portfolio prior to enrolling in this course, however, it was not nearly as professional-looking or as full as it is now that I have created a professional one. I am incredibly grateful that my professor has assigned the creation of a portfolio as a class assignment because I will be able to make use of it once I enter the work-force. I look forward to expanding my portfolio as I continue on in my education.

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