The Potential Importance of a Mouthguard

I have been making use of a mouth guard whilst I sleep for the past year or so, and the difference this mouthguard has made for me in regards to my overall mouth health has been significant. I was not aware that I needed a mouth guard at all, but I visited the dentist about a year ago for a regular check up and informed my dentist that my teeth had become extremely sensitive in a short period of time, specifically my two eye teeth. My dentist informed me that I had worn down the enamel on these teeth and had exposed the nerve endings along the tops of my teeth because I grind my teeth when I sleep, and that a mouth guard was definitely necessary to prevent any further damage.

As I said, I had no idea I needed a mouth guard. Obviously, it is difficult to know whether or not you grind your teeth when you sleep unless someone else informs you, but if you notice any changes in your mouth health, for example heightened tooth sensitivity, perhaps consider scheduling a dentist appointment to seek a professional opinion.

I made the title of this post the potential importance of having a mouthguard quite simply because not everyone needs one. Some individuals grind their teeth while others don’t, and often times people grind their teeth as a coping mechanism for stress or anxiety.

It is also important to note that the term mouthguard I am using in this post refers specifically to a nightguard, not the mouthguard worn for contact sports. There is a difference between the two and they perform different protective functions, so be sure to comprehend the different between the two.

I have almost worn through my first mouthguard already, and this prompts me to consider just how much pressure grinding puts on teeth. Your teeth are the only component of the body that cannot repair themselves, so be sure to take care of your pearly whites.

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