Inexpensive Ways To Dress Up An Outfit

Clothing has become, in recent years, a rather expensive investment. Professional clothing in particular. However, for a majority of individuals who work in a semi-professional setting, respectable apparel is expected, therefore it is probable that your wallet is going to take a beating rather quickly.

I have had to purchase some professional clothing for my current college program, and in doing so I have come to the realization that even the most basic items of clothing can be dressed up with the right accessories, said accessories being reasonable in price. For example, a classic white or black t-shirt can be taken to new heights with the right jewelry; a statement necklace, some long earrings, stacked bracelets and/or a watch, or a printed scarf are all different examples of how to enhance the professionalism of an otherwise simplistic outfit. For these particular accessories, I recommend visiting retail stores such as Ardenes or Claires. Jewelry from these locations can be purchased in bulk with a minimal price tag attached, and the quality is decent. The same goes for smaller clothing items such as scarves – I have purchased a majority of my accessories from both of these retailers and have never had an issue with their pricing or quality.

Another simple way to dress up an outfit, specifically a dress or skirt, is to rock some colored or printed tights. For example, pairing a plain black dress with some burgundy tights adds a pop of color, almost like a statement piece, and is an effective way to elevate the appearance of an outfit. Funky tights are also available at Claire’s and Ardenes.

Dressing professionally does not have to be an expensive affair. Designate ways to save money through the use of accessories you personally enjoy and determine where to shop for them, and you will be looking professional in no time!

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