Game of Thrones: Season Five

Let me begin by stating up-front that this post will contain spoilers, and because I do not wish to intentionally ruin the series for you, I ask that if you do not wish to have season five of Game of Thrones ruined for you, stop reading now.

Now that I have covered my rear, can I just say HOLY GUACAMOLE season five of Game of Thrones was wicked.

Not only does it end on an incredibly suspenseful note (the fatal stabbing of Jon Snow), but the entire season allows for the anticipation to build regarding the tension between Jon and his brothers on the Wall. Castle Black names Jon as new Lord Commander of The Knight’s Watch in this season, and with his new authority, Jon decides to join forces with the enemy (the Wildlings) in order to compose a stronger army for when they must face the Army of the Dead (the Whitewalkers). While Jon’s decision seems wise, his brothers in black are unable to sit comfortably with the idea of joining with the enemy. The final seconds of season five display Jon laying in a pool of his own blood after being stabbed six times by some of his own brothers.

Obviously, I had to go ahead and begin season six to determine whether or not Jon really did die (he didn’t), but the way in which the fifth season ended truly had me guessing. Jon’s resurrection can be credited to the Red Woman, and her presence in season five, along with the presence of Stannis Baratheon, escalates to a point of suspense so intense that I found myself clenching my fists. Season five depicts the extent Stannis is willing to go to in order to secure his title as King, and such extents are truly disturbing.

I say this about every season of Game of Thrones, but season five was wicked, and I anticipate season six and the excitement it will bring.

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