I have never been particularly skilled with computers. I know how to use them, but I am not one to know how to do anything special or fancy with a computer.

You can imagine how thrilled I was, therefore, to learn that one of my Public Relations courses would be Computer Applications, an introductory course to using computers at a more advanced level. While it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, it definitely is not my strongest course, however, I am working every day to better my computer skills.

For the final assignment for my computer class, I am expected to create a 60-second film using titled, audio, transitions, and fades. 60 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’re incorporating other requirements into the filming process, it becomes quite tricky.

My instructor originally advised us to use Final Cut Pro to create our videos, but this was a bit of a problem considering I do not own this program and it costs around $400.00 from the App Store. So, I did some research, and I came to the realization that iMovie, a program that came pre-installed on my Mac, is extremely similar to Final Cut Pro, and my teacher said it is fine to use for the purposes of this assignment.

iMovie is not as advanced as Final Cut Pro in the sense it does not offer the same amount of editing options and techniques, but for me personally, iMovie is more than adequate. I am hoping that iMovie will work out to be a better program for me to use since there are fewer options to become confused with. I will keep you posted regarding my filmmaking journey, and so far my video is not completely terrible, so I have hope for the overall result.

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