Broken Makeup? No Problem!

I was reading an article from Refinery29 regarding how to fix some common makeup product blunders, and I thought it would be beneficial to dedicate a post to the topic since busted makeup is about as depressing as The Titanic. These hacks explain how to fix broken powders and eyeshadows, busted lipstick and creams that have lost their moisture, so stay tuned if any of these makeup mishaps have happened in your makeup bag.

Cracked eyeshadows/powders/compacts: Make sure you have some isopropyl alcohol and some plastic wrap, gather as much of the broken product as you can and place the pieces back in their container. Stretch plastic wrap over the container and crush the remaining pieces of the product into a loose powder. Remove the plastic wrap, drop a bit of the alcohol into the mixture, and smooth it back out with your finger. Allow to dry and your product will be as good as new.

Broken lipstick: Scrape out the remaining product from its tube to the best of your ability and place in a microwaveable bowl. Melt for roughly ten seconds or until it is entirely liquid, pour the mixture back into its container, allow to cool and use as normal.

Dried our cream products: Whether it be a cream foundation, blush or eyeshadow, adding a bit of saline solution to it and mixing with a toothpick will replenish the moisture back into the product.

A word of warning; these hacks are highly beneficial, but they may tamper with the original quality and consistency of the product you’re fixing. Also, alcohol can be incredibly drying to the skin, so if you suffer from sensitive skin, it is arguable that fixing powder products with an alcohol solution is not the best solution for you.

If you’re in doubt, perhaps consider purchasing an entirely new product.


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