Weird Body Facts

The human body is a remarkable thing. It performs various functions within numerous systems, and despite the incredibility of these functions, the body itself can be rather odd, too. Here are some interesting facts regarding the human body, with this information coming from BSN Program.

  • The brain itself does not actually feel any pain; rather, it processes pain signals
  • Your brain uses roughly 20 percent of all oxygen and calorie needs the body requires
  • The brain is 80 percent water
  • The human brain uses 10 watts of power
  • A higher IQ leads to more vivid dreams
  • All humans have a unique smell
  • Women have a better sense of smell than men do
  • The nose remembers up to 50,000 scents
  • Your hearing decreases when you overeat
  • Teeth begin to grow before birth
  • Babies have more strength than oxen on a pound for pound basis
  • All babies have blue eyes when they are born
  • Feet can produce a pint of sweat within a single day
  • A full bladder is equivalent in size to a softball
  • The average amount of flatulence in a day per human is 14 times
  • You are taller in the morning than you are in the evening
  • 1/4 of bones are located in the feet
  • The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body
  • The pinkie toe and wisdom teeth are entirely useless
  • It is impossible to tickle yourself
  • Humans are the only creatures that shed emotional tears
  • Body position impacts memory
  • Most body hair is useless

There are many other interesting facts about the human body that can easily be identified via some simple research. The human body and its functionalities really are amazing, and further fascinating. Some individuals also have rare skills and tricks that they engage in using their bodies, making it even more interesting.

Do you have a unique bodily quirk?

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