Product Review: LUSH Cosmetics Shower Jellie 93,000 Miles

As a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s brother and his wife, I received a care package from LUSH, said package containing a facial scrub, a shower jelly, a bath bomb and a bar of soap. For the purpose of this post, I will be reviewing the shower jelly because it is the only product I have sampled thus far, but I will review the others when I get around to using them.

I received the shower jelly called 93,000 Miles. According to the LUSH website, this shower jelly contains eucalyptus and mint to help soothe tired muscles. It claims to rid your body of cramps and prevent them from occurring, and it can be frozen and used as a cold compress, or it can be used in the shower by getting it wet and rubbing into a lather. The main ingredient in this product is cinnamon leaf oil, and all of the ingredients are natural, safe synthetics, and none of LUSH’s products are tested on animals.

The product has a crisp minty scent, and I believe it would be great to use if you’re feeling congested of stuffy. I used it in the shower, therefore when I added hot water to the product the entire bathroom smelled like mint which was quite enjoyable. This particular type of jelly is bright red in colour, and although I found the consistency of the product to be slightly odd at first, I was impressed with how well it lathers. A 250g container retails for roughly $16.00, which is a reasonable price.

I imagine this product would be best used by someone who actually has sore, tired muscles, but I enjoyed it regardless. LUSH offers two other types of shower jellies; Woosh, a citrus scent, and Refresher, a zingy lemon scent. If you’re someone who is very physically active and often has achy muscles, give this product a try and see for yourself if it truly works!

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