Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Hype?

Eyelash extensions are undoubtedly a significant cosmetic and beauty trend as of right now. I know many individuals who have gotten eyelash extensions within the past year, and while a majority of them thoroughly enjoy them, I imagine some persons are unaware of just how costly they can be over time.

I have nothing against eyelash extensions. In fact, I myself would not refrain from getting them for a special occasion. I recently spoke with someone who explained to me that eyelash extensions are cheaper than purchasing mascara over time, therefore I wanted to do the calculations myself to prove this simply is not the case.

On average, the initial application of fake eyelashes costs $135.00. After the first set is applied, it is recommended to have refills performed every three to four weeks, each fill being roughly $50.00.

I will be generous and assume that most persons let their lashes go for four weeks prior to getting them refreshed. That’s $50.00 each month, so $50.00 x 12, plus the $135.00 for the first application. In one year, eyelash extensions cost, on average, $735.00.

Now to compare the yearly cost of eyelash extensions to the yearly cost of mascara. I personally make use of the Covergirl Lashblast mascara, a single tube retailing for $8.00. Assuming I purchase a new tube of mascara every two months (8×6), I spend approximately $48.00 annually on mascara.

Quite a tremendous difference between the two.

I realize that not all persons have eyelash extensions, and further that not all persons spend $8.00 on mascara (some spend less, some spend more, depending on the brand you’re buying). However, I think it is quite apparent that one option for eyelashes is significantly cheaper than the other. I wanted to do this calculation for my own curiosity, not to discourage anyone from pursuing what they would like in terms of cosmetics. I thought it would be an interesting experiment!

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