The Tremendous Companionship of Pets

I am undeniably an animal person. I have grown up with and around animals, and have further had pets in my life at all times since I was a child. My family and I had a dog named Ducky from the moment I was born until I was in the eighth grade, and after her passing, we welcomed home two blue heeler puppies, Sam and Jake. Sam passed away in the summer of 2017 and Jake remains to be a constant source of happiness in our lives. We brought home our first cat roughly four years ago, Lionel, followed by another a year later, Gemma, who was a rescue, and a year after that we adopted four strays, Maurice, Otis, Milo, and Peach. Maurice passed shortly after Sammy, but the remaining five cats we still have provide consistent entertainment. My sister also has pet goats, Calleigh and Maggie, and Jackson, their brother, passed away around five years ago.

Being constantly surrounded by animals, I am genuinely unable to fathom a life without them. The relationship that can develop between a human and their pet is truly incredible, and unless an individual has pets themselves, it is difficult to comprehend this friendship. The relationship I have with my dog, Jake, really is amazing, and as cheesy as it sounds, I consider him to be my best friend.

I respect the fact that some persons simply are not keen on owning pets, but for those who do and are familiar with the companionship they can provide, it is a blessing in its own sort of way. I am certain that I will have both cats and dogs as pets for the remainder of my life, and possibly other animals as well. The emotional support and stability I have experienced through my own pets is something I would never be able to remove from my life.

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