The Importance of Early Job Applications

It was recently recommended to myself and my fellow students by one of our teachers to begin the job application process early, following the completion of our post-secondary education. I have encountered this recommendation several times throughout my education, however, I convinced myself it was still too early and that job applications were not yet necessary since my education is not yet technically complete.

This particular teacher informed me that the most significant regret from his former students is not applying for jobs early enough, hence why he suggests beginning this process early. I took his advice and applied to several companies and organizations earlier in the week, and I have already heard back from one company. The general manager informed me that their company does not have any job openings available currently, but that they may in the future, and that she would keep me in mind.

I was stunned that I actually heard back from someone considering I am not technically certified in public relations currently. However, I think conveying an interest in a particular company or organization early demonstrates tremendous interest and hints at work ethic to an employer, and my emails are clear evidence of such characteristics. By no means am I saying that I am confident that this particular company will hire me on once I am finished my certifications in April, but their response to my potential job inquiry is a positive sign in the least.

There is absolutely no downfall involved with sending out job applications early. If you make it apparent that you are still a student, but still make note that you are interested in working for someone or something in the future, you’re hinting at opportunity which is arguably something an employer appreciates. Take a chance – you never know what may come of it.


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