Get To Know Me (Again, Again)

In lieu of my former two Get To Know Me Posts and how well they were received by you, my wonderful readers, I thought I would do yet another post in this manner. I quite enjoy composing these posts, and for anyone else with a creative blog, I highly recommend trying it yourself! It is a great way to familiarize yourself with your readers and create a more personal relationship.

  • I am told quite often that I have very blue eyes
  • I have had the backs, or stoppers, of earrings, lodged inside my earlobes half a dozen times (last time the stopper had to be removed with a scalpel)
  • I once had a sunburn on my stomach so badly it blistered and I was unable to bend over
  • In my last Get To Know Me post, I stated that Sons of Anarchy had been the only television series I had watched from beginning to end, but I can now add Game of Thrones to the list (*impatiently waits for the final season*)
  • I have completely demolished three separate pairs of luxury boots in three years (two pairs of Hunter Boots and one pair of Michael Kors boots)
  • My boyfriend, Blaine, has the same demented sense of humor as I do
  • Horror films are my favorite film genre
  • I played volleyball for several years between elementary school and high school
  • I have always wanted to play the electric guitar
  • Specifically, I have a goal of learning to play the guitar solo in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Free Bird”
  • I played piano as a child but absolutely despised practicing
  • I purchased a Duramax pickup two summers ago and could not be happier with it
  • I will live in a rural environment/the countryside for the rest of my life – I cannot live in a city
  • I recently had surgery on my foot to repair torn ligaments and remove fragments of bone after whacking my foot off of the bottom of a swimming pool in the tenth grade

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