Design Home

I am not one for games on my phone, but sometimes, I explore the App store to see what is new and exciting. Roughly two months ago I came across an App called Design Home, and figuring I would give it a chance, I downloaded it and began to play.

Design Home is an interior design App, permitting users to create and design rooms in a home based on specific requirements. For example, if a living room is what is to be designed, a user must implement pieces of furniture made by a specific designer, or a piece of furniture that is a specific colour. Each challenge you enter, the challenges being designing a room, earns you cash to purchase more furniture, and the more rooms you design increases your overall designing level. The higher the level a user reaches, the more furniture becomes available to design with.

Entering design submissions also requires a certain amount of what the App refers to as keys, and without enough keys, one cannot submit a design. A reward of 25 keys is given to each user daily, and to earn more, a user can vote on other user’s designs.

I have always had an interest in home design, and this App has provided a creative opportunity to experiment with the concept. Perhaps it is far fetched, but I like to believe that this App will enhance my designing skills for my own home one day. The furniture featured in the App is realistic in the sense that they are pieces from actual designers and brands, some being more expensive than others.

This App is free to download, and a user can use actual cash to purchase more furniture, but I prefer to play until I have used up all of my money and simply return to play the next day when I earn more cash.

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