The Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Game

On February 12, my boyfriend and I traveled to Toronto to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play Tampa Bay Lightning at the Air Canada Centre. This particular game was my second NHL experience, and although my seats were better for the first game I attended, the game itself on Monday was riveting.

The game was my boyfriend’s Christmas gift, and I chose the Leafs vs. Tampa specifically because my boyfriend is a Toronto fan, but he is furthermore a Tampa fan because one of his good friends, Jake Dotchin, plays for Tampa. My boyfriend was slightly conflicted regarding which team he was rooting for, but it was all in good fun.

The game itself was really enjoyable. It was an intense and action-packed session between Tampa and the Leafs, specifically after Tampa caught up after the Leafs holding down the lead up until the second period. The Leafs claimed victory with a 4-3 win.

I would not categorize myself as a die-hard hockey fan, but I certainly have an appreciation for the game. There is something so powerful about being in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people who are all rooting for the same cause, specifically after the home team scores. It is hard to explain, but it is something I believe all persons should experience. Singing the Canadian national anthem with fellow Canadians is also a really incredible experience, and the young woman who performed the American anthem and the Canadian anthem had an incredible voice.

The game started around 7, and my boyfriend and I were back on the Go-Train by 10:30. Nothing was rushed, and aside from making back home rather late, the night unfolded smoothly without any major hiccups, aside from one beer costing roughly $13.00.

I would definitely attend another NHL game, but perhaps in Buffalo next time. Apparently ticket prices are significantly cheaper, and Buffalo really isn’t too much further than Toronto for me!

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