My Favourite Movies

Movies, for me, are a tricky topic. I definitely enjoy movies, but I tend to gravitate more towards television series when I am looking for something to watch. I do have movies I favour over others, though, so without further ado, here are some of my favourite flicks.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Make fun of me as much as you would like, but out of all of the Harry Potter films, the Goblet of Fire is by far my favourite. I find the overall feel of the film to be quite sinister, likely because it depicts Voldemort’s return, but it is also extremely action-packed and riveting. I also like The Deathly Hallows Part II, and The Prisoner of Azkaban also gets a shoutout in the realm of Harry Potter.
  • The Blair Witch Project: The only reason I say this film is one of my favourites is that it shook me so badly. I have never been more terrified while watching a horror film (and I have seen a lot of them), therefore this movie deserves the recognition. It is so simple yet so chilling, and the acting is extremely realistic.
  • Preservation: Another horror film, this movie is one of my favourites because of its satisfying ending and relentless suspense. It’s on Netflix if you’re interested.
  • Django Unchained: I have seen this movie half-a-dozen times, and I would watch it half-a-dozen more. It is action-packed, witty, gory and moving in a sense all at once, and I doubt I will ever get tired of it.
  • Hannibal: Out of all the Hannibal movies, the first is my favourite. Anthony Hopkins is a cinematic genius in his role as Hannibal the cannibal, and his insanely creeping persons makes the overall mood of the film uncomfortable.

What are some of your favourite movies?

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