The Importance of Effort in Long-Term Relationships

Earlier this week my boyfriend and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. I realize four years really is nothing overly significant in comparison to couples who have been married for forty years or higher, but for Blaine and I, four years is worth celebrating.

I was up in Niagara for school and Blaine was back home in our hometown, so we were planning on celebrating¬†on the weekend once I was home. I do not have class Monday’s, so when Blaine pulled into my driveway unannounced, I was floored. He drove over an hour-and-a-half one-way to surprise me and visit with me on our special day without any hinting of his plans, and I was absolutely thrilled to see him. He came bearing roses and open arms, and his choosing to take the time to drive up simply to spend a couple of hour with me was truly wonderful.

Blaine isn’t one for romance or mushy gifts, so his surprise visit on our anniversary was such a fantastic effort from him. It may sound simple, but smaller efforts such as these go a long way in long-term relationships. Keeping love and passion present can be challenging, but it is certainly doable.

I think it is crucial for any couple to continue to give and present effort towards one another, no matter how long or how little they have been together. I would argue that over time romantic gestures become fewer due to comfortability with one another. Comfort is great, but it is important not to lose sight of what brought you together in the first place. Always show your partner you care, and find new and sweet ways to demonstrate the effort you give to them. I promise you, it does not go unnoticed.

Whether your efforts are grand or small, they count.



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