Think You Know Everything About Harry Potter?

I came across an interesting article a couple of days ago discussing some potentially unknown facts about the Harry Potter series. I personally consider myself a Potterhead, but there were some items discussed in the article I was unaware of.

  1. Harry and J.K. Rowling share the same birthday (June 31)
  2. Rowling developed the names of the four Hogwarts houses on the back of a paper barf bag while traveling on an airplane
  3. Rowling composed a rough draft of the final chapter of the final back early on in the series
  4. Rowling derived her inspiration for the Dementors from her own experiences with depression after her mother’s passing
  5. Rowling came up with the concept of Quidditch after arguing with her boyfriend
  6. The plants Rowling mentions in the books are derived from an actual book
  7. Rather than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, it was proposed to Rowling that she name the first book of the series Harry Potter and the School of Magic
  8. Rowling drafted rather in-depth and complicated outlines for her books
  9. Rowling originally intended for Arthur Weasley’s character to die
  10. In order to prevent Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from leaking early, Bloomsbury referred to it in code
  11. Haley Joel Osment was a potential candidate to play Harry (thank God that didn’t happen)
  12. Tom Felton auditioned for both the characters Harry and Ron prior to being cast as Draco Malfoy
  13. There was potential for a Harry Potter musical to occur
  14. Rowling has revealed that her character Dumbledore was gay and actually fell in love with Gellert Grindelwald

I am sure there are many other interesting facts available through research regarding the Harry Potter series, therefore if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to conduct some research of your own. I seem to learn something new every time I explore the series!

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