A Need for Exorcists?

I came across an article the other day by Global News titled “Vatican Launching New Exorcism Course As Demand for It Soars.”  The article by Katie Dangerfield is quite interesting, and I wanted to discuss it here on my blog because it isn’t exactly a topic that enters news headlines often.

The article explains how the Vatican is initiating an international exorcism training course because of an increase of the demand for exorcists in Italy. Begigno Palilla, a Sicilian priest quoted in the article, stated that Italians have tripled their requests for trained exorcists to roughly 500,000 cases in the past few years. The course is intended to last for one week and will occur in April at a Catholic educational institute in Rome.

Palilla interviewed with Vatican Radio and stated that the goal of the course is to provide rich reflection and articulation regarding a highly stigmatized topic. Palilla himself is a trained exorcist, and he expressed how he believes the increase in reported exorcisms in recent years is a result of individuals experimenting with fortune tellers and Tarot card readers, which according to paranormal investigators can open a door and allow evil spirits to enter the human realm. Palilla also made note of how many cases do not involve true demonic possessions; rather, spiritual or psychological issues.


The article makes reference to a report from The Economist in July 2017 that mentioned how the demand for exorcists in France soared, where the Catholic Church failed to acknowledge the training of priests to successfully perform exorcisms. In 2014, the Vatican officially acknowledged the International Association of Exorcists, a group of 250 priests across 30 countries who have been trained in the act of exorcisms.



I am fascinated by supernatural entities, however, they simultaneously terrify me. It is not wise to dabble with items or practices affiliated with evil, and apparently, it is becoming a global conflict.

2 thoughts on “A Need for Exorcists?

  1. It’s interesting to see that they’re upping the ante on “official” exorcists, though I really hope if they’re going to do it that they also promote more psychological and medical training for this next generation of exorcists. We don’t really want any more Analise Michel/Emily Rose situations, I should think.


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