Humboldt Broncos: A Flawed Go Fund Me? Or A Case of Communal Unity?

I’m not one to normally discuss intensely political matters here on my blog, nor am I one to dissect the opinions of others. However, I recently came across a thread on Twitter regarding the Go Fund Me donations for the Humboldt Broncos, and the statements made by this individual angered me so deeply, I wanted to address it in a blog post.

The Go Fund Me campaign for the Humboldt Broncos has surpassed 11 million dollars, and it continues to grow. It is one of the highest Go Fund Me fundraisers in history, and personally, I am absolutely astounded and humbled by the unity and sense of community Canadians have shown towards the victims and their friends and families during this horrific time.

The thread I came across composed by a Twitter user, however, thought it would be appropriate to take the incredible donations by Canadians and others and criticize them, claiming them to be deeply flawed in their existence. This Twitter user expressed their disapproval with the incredulous sum of donations raised for the victims of this tragedy and stated that the reason the sum is so great is that they are in support of a white, male hockey team.

I understand that what this person is attempting to convey is that there are other tragedies and systemic flaws that exist in Canada that have yet to receive any recognition, let alone the amount the victims of the Humboldt tragedy have. However, I find it incredibly cynical and inappropriate to deem the generosity and care of Canadians in this situation as an obligatory result related to gender or race, and I do not think every single issue in existence needs to be tied back to race or gender.

Do I think the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada is an issue that is in dire need of financial support and funding from Canadian communities? Absolutely.

Do I think there is systemic racism in Canada that needs to be addressed and corrected through means of campaigns and donations? Of course.

I do not, however, think it is necessary to associate the success of the Humboldt fundraiser with the fact that the victims of this tragedy were white and mostly male. The funds raised in this situation are significant and wonderful, and it certainly is not a sum that requires criticism from a race or gender perspective.

Focus on the sense of unity that has occurred across Canada in the wake of this tragedy. That’s what is in need of attention.

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