2018’s Weirdest Foods

I came across an article via Foods24 describing some of the up and coming food trends for 2018, and because they are so odd, I thought I would share with you. Here’s to 2018!

  • A wine pouch for one: A company titled Most Wanted has developed individual wine pouches which contain 187 ml of either Pinot Grigio or Malbec. I’ll admit, I find this to be rather genius.
  • Very convincing veggie burgers: Veganism is becoming more and more popular on a global scale, and a company called Beyond Meat has developed a plant-based burger that apparently tastes just like a traditional hamburger, complete with oozing beet juice to resemble the juices from a beef patty.
  • Pink toast: Marks and Spencer plan to launch the debut of their coloured bread this year, which are high in protein and low carb, in beetroot, courgette and red pepper flavours.
  • Sweet and sour super fruit: Also known as jackfruit, prepare to see this guy exploding in 2018 amongst consumers. When raw, they taste sweet, similar to mango, but when cooked, they supposedly have the same taste and texture as pulled pork. I’m not sure how I feel about a fruit that doubles as a meat replacer.
  • High protein ice cream: Yes, 2018 will provide us with protein loaded ice cream, with a fraction of the calories found in regular ice cream.
  • Gut-friendly foods: With recent research linking the health of one’s stomach to their health overall, apparently influencers in the food industry plan to launch foods that are highly beneficial to the gut.
  • Mocktails: I feel as though this one doesn’t need explaining.
  • Poke bowls: I would argue these became big in 2017, but maybe they’re here to stay (Poke bowls are basically a deconstructed sushi).
  • Plant-based proteins: Beans are quickly becoming a preferred form of protein amongst consumers, and I guess this preference won’t falter in 2018.
  • Farm-to-table menus: This is one I can get behind.
  • Air-fried foods: Yes, you read that correctly. Air is becoming the new oil when it comes to deep-frying, however, I’m slightly confused as to how air-fried food tastes as good as anything deep-fried.
  • Souping: Move over, juicing; souping is the new thing, which involves pureeing soups and sipping on them.
  • Ghee: A lactose-free butter alternative, Ghee is a clarified butter that is supposed to taste exactly like butter.

I’m a relatively experimental eater, so I look forward to sampling some of these trends. I’m not sure if I’ll participate in souping, though. Something about that just doesn’t sound right.

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