It’s In You to Give

Giving blood is a fantastic way to give back to others who may be in need of medical assistance. According to the Canadian Blood Services, each person’s body contains roughly five liters of blood, with approximately 450 ml of blood in one collected unit. 100,000 new donors are required every year to meet the demand for it, and Canadians are actually some of the most generous donors in the world, providing more than two blood donations in a year on average. It can take up to 50 units of blood to save a single car crash victim, and eight units every week to assist someone battling leukemia.

As crucial as blood donation is, unfortunately, not everyone can give. The following information comes from a quiz on the Canadian Blood Service’s website and informs individuals whether or not they can donate.

You cannot give blood if:

  • You are under the age of 17
  • You have had a tattoo or a piercing in the past three months
  • You  have travelled outside Canada or the continental U.S. in the last 12 months
  • You have had a dental cleaning or a filling in the last 24 hours or dental surgery in the last 72 hours
  • You have been pregnant or had a baby in the last six months
  • You have spent three months or more cumulatively in the United Kingdom
  • You are taking prescription medications*
  • You weigh under 110 pounds

* Not all prescription medications inhibit you from donating blood. There is a list on the Canadian Blood Services website outlining which prescription medications do not interfere with giving blood.

The list further explains that there are certain medications that interfere with platelet function for a certain amount of time after taking them:

Advil *24 hours Aspirin *72 hours Naproxen *72 hours
Aleve *72 hours Ibuprofen *24 hours Piroxicam *14 days
Arthrotec *72 hours Indomethacin *24 hours Plavix *14 days

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re able to donate blood, visit the Canadian Blood Services website at and see if you can change someone’s life today.

Photo credit: <a href=”″>Cayusa</a&gt; on <a href=””>Visual hunt</a> / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC</a>

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