Acne: A Constant Battle

Acne is something I have been dealing with for several years. I first started to get acne in high school, and I expected to see it recede once I finished grade twelve, like a majority of individuals are fortunate enough to experience. This was not the case for me, however, and my acne actually began to get progressively worse the older I got. I am currently 23 and still dealing with acne, and yes, I have tried just about everything.

Dealing with relentless acne is genuinely one of the most frustrating situations to be in. You spend money trying countless products and solutions promising to give you clear skin, only to worsen the condition of your skin. Or, perhaps these treatments provide positive results for a limited duration of time, only to eventually fail and allow your acne to come back yet again, even angrier than before.

You try and do some research to attempt to discover a solution for your acne once and for all, and are bombarded by various techniques and strategies claiming to be effective in abolishing acne. Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, you name it – almost every household product has been claimed as an acne-fighting supplement.

I was told that my acne was a result of my food intolerances, but even after altering my diet and cutting out certain foods, my skin continues to be the home for a plethora of blemishes. Some days it’s better, others it’s worse, but the acne always remains.

I try my absolute hardest to remain confident with my acne, but sometimes it is incredibly difficult to do so. I realize there are others who suffer from acne to a far more severe degree than I do, but anyone who has experienced moderate to severe acne knows how debilitating it can be.

I suppose this post is a sort of rant, but perhaps my honesty with my acne struggles will help someone else in their frustration with it.

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