Have You Been Hacked?

A couple of nights ago I was alarmed to receive an email from Facebook informing me that someone using the email “laurenarva@hotmail.com” was attempting to change my Facebook password in Baghdad. I immediately followed the steps to re-secure my account through Facebook as instructed, though encountered yet another email the following morning. Someone in Baghdad had attempted to log into my Facebook account twice within 24 hours, and they actually succeeded considering the emails from Facebook explained that my password had, in fact, been changed – just not by me.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, however, it is the first time that someone has succeeded in hacking into my account twice within one day. It’s a very unsettling realization when this happens to you, and even though I do not have any personal information affiliated with my Facebook account, it is disturbing to know that a complete stranger has access to your online identity.

Facebook has a great security system to inform a user of a potential hacking situation. The person in Baghdad had changed my password in the evening on Friday, and I received an email from the Facebook team about this password change exactly two minutes after it happened. It’s quite amazing that despite this intrusion occurring across the globe, Facebook was able to notify me in a couple of minutes.

I have changed the passwords across all of my social media accounts, as well as my email account, and have changed it to something stronger and more difficult to hack (I hope). Online identity theft and hacking are no joke, and I encourage you to ensure your online accounts are safe and protected. It’s good to refresh your passwords every so often to prevent these situations from occurring, and in the long run, five minutes of your time is definitely worth it when weighed against the possible consequences.

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