Horror Disappointment

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve likely caught onto the fact that I watch a fair share of horror flicks. I absolutely love them, and while gore isn’t something I particularly enjoy in a movie, sweat-inducing, heart-pumping films are the ones that get me going.

That being said, I cannot remember the last time a decent horror movie was released that almost gave me a heart attack, with the exception of The Conjuring films (the first one is far better than the second, however, both are pretty creepy). The Nun was recently released, and after seeing the character of The Nun in the second Conjuring movie, I had my hopes up.

She is one creepy son of a bitch.

Alas, so far I have only heard negative, disappointing reviews of The Nun, leaving the longing I have for a truly scary movie to deepen.

I’m not really sure why this is happening. I do realize that in order to create a bone-chilling movie, one must develop a bone-chilling plot, which is arguably very difficult. But I’m honestly getting frustrated with the lack of terrifying movies being released in the past couple of years, and perhaps I am being overly picky, but others who are horror fans have expressed similar disapproval.

I imagine there are movies out there that I simply haven’t seen that could make me poop my pants, but I have yet to come across them myself. If you are a horror fan and have some cult-classics you feel like sharing, please do. Help a girl out in her quest for a heart attack.

P.S.: Some of the scariest movies I have seen to date include The Conjuring, The Ring, Get Out (although this was more suspenseful), Hush, and Veronica. I am wanting to increase my list.

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2 thoughts on “Horror Disappointment

  1. 1. Inside (French: À l’intérieur)
    2. Martyrs (French – NOT AMERICAN)
    3. Hereditary
    4. The Witch
    5. Terrifier
    6. Goodnight Mommy
    7. Bone Tomahawk
    8. Raw
    9. In Fear
    10. Don’t Breath

    These are guaranteed to disturb, horrify and unnerve.


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