A look inside Canada’s most expensive listed home

An article from The Star snagged my attention the other day when it appeared on my phone.

Written by Carola Vyhnak, the article tells the story of Oakville’s Chelster Hall estate with an asking price of $59 million dollars.

Previous owner of the estate is Hugo Powell, retired president of Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd. in Canada, and later the CEO of Belgium’s Interbrew SA, one of the globe’s largest brewers.

Curious as to who could purchase this house? Someone with a net worth of $200 million, able to pay $11.8 million up-front with monthly carrying costs of $257,300.

The estate was designed by Oakville architect William Hicks and was inspired by the “Jacobean architecture of 400-year-old Blickling Hall, the ancestral home of Anne Boleyn, ill-fated second wife of Henry VIII.”

The estate was named after the Powells’ golden retriever pups, by the way.

This 43,850 square foot home is equipped with six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 30 parking spots. It has a bowling alley, a dance room and a movie theatre in its basement, a two-storey library upstairs, a housekeeper’s suite with an elevator, a Tuscan wine cellar, a fitness facility, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a pool house with a kitchen, and an underground parking garage for 12 vehicles.

It also has an 800-square-foot chapel on the grounds, and a full attic with the ability to add more bedrooms.

The Powells used Canadian-sourced materials and local artisans in the construction of their estate, with only the bricks being imported. Mr. Powell also had a forest put in around his house with hundreds of trees.

I’m floored that this house is in Ontario and I haven’t heard of it until now, but I’m also floored regarding what this house contains. If you happen to have a spare $59 million hanging around, check this place out. I highly doubt it will disappoint.

Image from https://www.thestar.com/life/homes/2018/09/20/extravagant-in-every-way-beer-barons-estate-on-the-market.html.






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