Film review: Winchester

When I saw that Winchester had arrived to Netflix this past weekend, my sister and I agreed to sit down and watch it. My sister isn’t one to often watch horror movies, so I was really hoping it would be a satisfying experience in terms of genuine terror and sweat-inducing fear.

Unfortunately, my hopes didn’t pan out so well.

Am I saying Winchester is a bad movie? No.

Am I saying it is a bad horror movie? Yes.

The plot is fascinating in terms of its actual historical references, and further how the story is based on true events. But the ‘horror’ elements of the flick, so to speak, were seriously lacking, and I wouldn’t even classify this as a scary movie, to be entirely honest. Maybe suspense, but not horror.

Helen Mirren does a great job portraying the widowed Mrs. Winchester, but her character tends to be overlooked by everything else happening in the film. Her niece, Marion Marriot, played by Sarah Snook is quite captivating, I’ll admit, but I found her little boy, Henry, to be a real pain in the ass. Very annoying.

The psychologist in the film, Dr. Eric Price is played by Jason Clarke, an actor I had never seen or heard of prior to this movie. I thought he was good in his role as the doctor, but his opium-induced denials of the supernatural get a little tiresome towards the end.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who truly appreciates shocking, terrifying horror, because Winchester simply isn’t any of those things. Perhaps someone interested in history would enjoy it more (my sister did and she was in school for history), but I for one found it to be a disappointment in its classification as a scary film.

It’s also quite sad, which is something I wasn’t expecting.

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