Films with a leading lady earn more at the box office

An article from The Washington Post offers some rather information pertaining to the success of films at the box office.

A recent study suggests that flicks starring women are more successful worldwide box offices compared to flicks starring men, the article says. Examining the 350 highest-grossing U.S. movies released between January 2014 and December 2017, the study, conducted by Creative Artists Agency and Shift7, revealed that movies featuring ladies as their main character gross more.

“Women comprise half the box office, yet there has been an assumption in the industry that female-led films were generally less successful,” said CAA agent Christy Haubegger, who assisted in the study, in the article. “We found data that does not support that assumption.”

Time’s Up, an organization looking to challenge sexual harassment and inequality in the Hollywood realm, is the reasoning behind the study’s partnership.

“Researchers examined budget data for films through Gracenote, a software company that compiles data on the entertainment industry. The study included films with budgets of less than $10 million to more than $100 million. Films qualified as female-led if a woman was listed first in promotional materials, billing blocks and credits. Of the 350 films in the study, 105 were led by women,” the article explains.

Quite honestly, the findings of this study have me rather surprised. Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled to see these sorts of statistics, but I’m still surprised, nonetheless.

So often when we think about blockbuster movies, specifically the hero, or the dominant character in these movies, we automatically visualize a male in this role.

I realize this is a generalization, but I feel like it has validity.

Evidently, this is not the case, thanks to the study conducted by the researchers outlined in the original article, linked above.

It’s time to appreciate a strong female lead – Lord knows some female appreciation can sometimes be lacking.

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