Vehicle theft in Brant County

Walking out to the parking lot at work back in October to find my truck had been stolen was one of the worst realizations I have ever experienced. I felt violated, confused, panicked, and somewhat lost.

I’m one in a sea of hundreds when it comes to the number of trucks that go missing in Brant County, where I live. Reports of another stolen pickup truck, almost always a chevy, and often times, a diesel, seems to reach my ears almost weekly. It’s getting to the point that there are parking lots and areas in the city of Brantford people with trucks flat out avoid.

My boyfriend’s truck was stolen recently. A 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax, four-door, white, it was stolen while he was playing hockey at the Gretzky arena in Brantford. His truck was the second to be stolen amongst his teammates (it can be seen in the header image for this post).

When I checked out the parking spot where my truck was, after learning it was stolen, there wasn’t a single shred of evidence left behind. When my boyfriend checked out the spot where his was, right in front of a security camera, might I add, he spotted his horn laying on the ground, meaning the thief ripped it out when the alarm went off to silence it.

The occurrence of vehicle theft, particularly truck and SUV theft, in Brant County, is becoming a tremendous issue because of its frequency, and further, the skill of the perpetrators. These people know what they are doing, and quite frankly, it’s terrifying, specifically because they often watch certain vehicles and follow them prior to stealing them.

After speaking with others, it seems as though the amount of stolen vehicles in Brantford and surrounding areas is so vast that police are struggling to stay on top of the issue. It’s as though they vanish into thin air, however, they are sometimes located months or years after they’ve been stolen, stripped for parts, burnt, or wrecked.

If you ever witness suspicious activity around a vehicle, please call the police. You might prevent a vehicle theft from happening altogether.

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