Is Bird Box worth the watch?

I’ll be honest in saying that one of the main reasons I decided to curl up and watch Netflix’s Bird Box is because of all of the hype I saw about it via social media. My Twitter timeline was blowing up with memes and film references, and after watching the trailer for the film, I decided to give it a watch.

Starring Sandra Bullock, the film depicts a dystopian sort of society, with a strange infectious plague sort-of-thing going rampant and infecting anyone who makes eye contact with the invisible force (sounds strange, I know). If you make eye contact with the force, you succumb to its power and kill yourself in whatever way necessary, depending on your surroundings. Therefore, one must wear a blindfold whenever going outside, a necessary precaution that makes things quite interesting as the story progresses.

When the film begins, Bullock is expecting her first child, and the film covers that moment into the next five years, showing Bullock’s journey of survival while avoiding the strange virus that has wiped out a majority of the population. It portrays the bonds and relationships she forms with strangers along the way, and further what she as a mother is willing to risk for the safety of her child.

I don’t wish to give away any spoilers in case you have yet to watch the film, but if you have a queasy stomach, I will warn you that there a couple of rather gory and disturbing scenes throughout the duration of the movie. Other than that, it’s relatively gore-free.

I did enjoy Bird Box, however, I don’t find it as awesome as some people have, according to their opinions of the movie expressed through social media. I do believe it is worth the watch, though, so give it a chance before it leaves Netflix.

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2 thoughts on “Is Bird Box worth the watch?

  1. I absolutely loved the book as was horrified when I heard they were making a movie. Have to say I’m pretty happy with how they brought it to the screen though.


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