Film review: The Crucifixion

I’m not going to lie, the Netflix description for this film made it sound pretty darn good.

“An ambitious reporter comes face-to-face with the inexplicable when she travels to Romania to investigate a nun’s suspicious and brutal death.”

Two minutes into the movie, the credits revealed something even more enticing; the phrase, “inspired by actual events.”

Seeing that a scary movie is based on a real scenario really gets me going, so between the movie description and the true story element, you can imagine I had high hopes for this one.

Unfortunately, these hopes were quashed relatively quickly, and this movie was a bit of a disappointment.

Starring Sophie Cookson and Corneliu Ulici, The Crucifixion depicts Cookson, whose name in the film is Nicole, as she travels to Romania, working as a journalist, to tell the truth regarding the horrific fate of a nun who was killed during an exorcism. Naturally, she begins to meddle and poke around in things she likely shouldn’t, and soon finds herself facing an alarming and disturbing truth she was not expecting to uncover.

The movie wasn’t terrible, and I have definitely seen worse, but it was a tad dull. Nothing remotely exciting happens until at least halfway through the flick, and Cookson’s acting was a titch bland. Further, the movie ends with a decent amount of unanswered questions, and I was a little frustrated that so many things were not addressed by the ending that had me curious during the film.

After doing some research about the movie for the sake of this blog, I learned that it doesn’t exactly have great reviews. Am I surprised? No, but again, the description for the movie is a little misleading.

The entire situation really is quite sad, and as it is based on true events, the way it ends makes thing even more depressing. I wouldn’t watch it twice, and I wouldn’t recommend it to others, either.

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