Pet peeves

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has a pet peeve of some sort.

Perhaps some of us refrain from actually exercising the use of the cliche term ‘pet peeve,’ as it is often over-used and inappropriately tossed around. But, at the end of the day, everyone is fully aware of something that pisses them off royally, and I thought it would be entertaining to share some of my own.

Perhaps this post can be viewed in a negative context, considering I’m literally listing off things that annoy me, but hey – everyone has things that get under their skin, and these just happen to be mine (the baboon in the header image for this post is an accurate depiction of my facial expression when I see someone doing something that is a pet peeve of mine). I think it’s interesting to compare what may bother one person, but not another, in a bizarre way.

Without further adieu, some of my pet peeves include:

  • Reaching for something in the fridge, only to learn that someone has put it back with literally a mouthful left, whether it be food or a beverage
  • When people empty things and don’t replace them
  • When my hair won’t stay behind my ear when I’m driving (don’t judge me)
  • People who chew with their mouth gaping open
  • People who interrupt
  • Arrogance and/or cockiness
  • When I see someone being rude to another person for no warranted reason
  • Getting taken advantage of
  • When I get a black coffee from Tim Hortons and it is blazing hot and filled too much so when I open it, it spills all over my crotch
  • When, in explaining a situation, someone goes into detail about elements of the scenario that are completely and utterly irrelevant and it takes them 15 times longer to spew out what they’re attempting to tell me
  • When I write with a ballpoint pen and it smudges all over the place (I’m a lefty)

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

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