Sensitive ears? Try labret earrings

I’ve come to the conclusion, the older I get, that my ears hate me.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. Perhaps I should say I’ve come to the conclusion that my ears are ridiculously sensitive and tend to reject just about every earring I’ve ever tried wearing.

I had my helix’s pierced last summer, and as much as I love the piercings and how they look, they’ve given me a fair share of issues, including a relatively serious infection a few months ago. I did some research to see if there is a specific type of stud that should be used for helix piercings, and lone behold, I discovered labret studs.

Labret studs, or earrings, typically consist of the actual earring that can be seen when worn in a piercing, a longer back, and a screw-on, flat end. They’re ideal for cartilage and facial piercings, but I thought I would try wearing them in all of my piercings (I have two in my earlobes and my helix on both ears). I ordered some off of Amazon, had my sister help me put them in as they’re rather finicky, and after wearing them for almost two weeks, I haven’t had a single problem. The tenderness and swelling around my helix piercings have gone down significantly since switching to labret studs, plus, they’re a lot more comfortable to wear when it comes to sleeping on my side.

If you’re like me and seem to encounter issues with your ear piercings no matter what you do, I highly recommend labret studs. As I said, I ordered mine off of Amazon, but you can find them online via Etsy as well.

They’re easier to clean, maintain, and for once my piercings seem to be behaving. Labret studs are my saving grace, and they’re absolutely worth looking into.

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