Craving real barbeque? Visit Saltlick Smokehouse

My sister, cousin and I are all rather avid fans of protein, so when the opportunity presents itself to enjoy some authentic, delicious barbeque, you can bet we take full advantage.

The three of us decided to try out Saltlick Smokehouse in Hamilton, and we weren’t disappointed. Located on James St. North, this little joint is like a slice of heaven (or barbeque), and it’s absolutely worth the visit if you ever find yourself in the area. The dishes are served family style, which is rare to find in restaurants these days, and the food comes on wooden slabs, definitely helping to keep true to the ‘right off the grill’ feel. We tried the brisket, the steak, the jerk chicken, baked beans and slaw, while my sister sampled their jalapeno cornbread and brisket mac and cheese.

Yes, you read that correctly. They offer brisket mac and cheese.

I can say with utmost sincerity that the steak was the best I’ve ever tried, and while everything was absolutely scrumptious, it stole the show for me, personally. The cornbread and mac and cheese both contain dairy, so I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to enjoy them, but my sister said they were the bomb, and the beans were also stellar.

This place is absolutely affordable and offers a unique and refreshing dining experience. It isn’t overly large, and it was pretty busy when we went, so if you’re considering giving it a try it might be best to make a reservation in advance. All meats offered at Saltlick are prepared daily in house, seasoned with delicious rubs, and smoked in house.

I would go back without a doubt, and while I’ve never tried real-deal Southern barbeque as I’ve never been down South, I think it’s safe to say Saltlick encapsulates genuine Southern flavour and techniques into their A+ barbeque.

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