Product review: VicTsing’s Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve had my fair share of bad luck with diffusers. I’ve gone through two in the past year, one of which seriously ruined the top piece of my Maple dresser on my room because it had a fit and somewhat exploded all over the wood. So, I’ve been looking for a durable, decently priced one, and after using the VicTsing Mini Essential Oil Diffuser for a few months now, I figured it’s safe to offer my honest review of the product.

I ordered the VicTsing Mini Essential Oil Diffuser through Amazon, which is where the link above will lead you, and so far, I’ve been enjoying it. I like to use a diffuser in my room when I go to bed in hopes of improving my sleep with various essential oils (right now I’m alternating between lemon and lavender), and this diffuser distributes water vapour infused with these oils quite nicely throughout my room. 

This particular diffuser is available in a lighter, or tan colour, which is the one I have, and also a dark brown version. It’s extremely quiet, and although it is considered to be mini, it pumps out vapour for quite a while (between three to five hours, depending on how much water you fill it with), which is definitely a positive.

It has different settings that allow a user to enjoy one standard colour of light, a kaleidoscope of colours on rotation, and also a sleeping setting, depending on your mood. It’s BPA-free, and it also has a feature that enables the device to shut off when it runs out of water.

I got this bad boy for roughly $30, a price I believe to be absolutely reasonable considering the quality of this product. If you’re looking for a durable, quiet, and affordable diffuser, this one might be for you.

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