Are you using the right shampoo for your hair?

I have a respectable amount of hair on my head, so I’ve always been pretty proactive about hair health and maintenance when it comes to the products I use. I’ve dabbled in several brands and product types, and while I can’t say one particular product trumps them all, I can say that one thing is for certain – if you’re using a shampoo or conditioner that contains sulfates, you’re using the wrong one.

Sulfates are little bastards when it comes to hair. They’re destructive, damaging and drying, and unfortunately, many shampoos and conditioners on the current market contain them. I’ve discovered one that is few of sulfates, though, and thus far I’m quite satisfied with how its performing.

I started using Herbal Essence’s Birch Bark Extract Sulfate-Free shampoo and conditioner a few weeks ago after grabbing it on sale at my local Shoppers Drugmart. Take a look at the product’s description via Herbal Essence’s website:

“Our real botanicals are endorsed by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the world’s leading expert on plants. This shampoo, with real botanicals, gently cleanses and protects color-treated hair. Birch Bark Extract Shampoo is also EWG Verified to meet the Environmental Working Group’s standards on ingredient selection, transparency and manufacturing. Color-safe and pH-balanced, this gentle shampoo infuses notes of ocean mist, dewy florals and warm amber into your hair—leaving it soft and smooth. Lather, rinse and repeat with ease knowing your shampoo is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil and dyes. Birch Bark Extract shampoo is also made with at least 87% natural-origin ingredients.*”

Not a bad description, right?

Since I’ve started using these products, I’ve noticed that my hair is softer, has more shine, and as an added bonus, smells delicious.

While Herbal Essences isn’t necessarily the first name that comes to mind when contemplating good-quality hair products, I assure you that they’ve stepped up their game.

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