The importance of voting

As all of us Canadians are fully aware, the federal election is the talk of the town across all provinces. Elections in Canada typically warrant a generous amount of discussion, but I would argue that this year’s election will be one to remember in years to come.

Regardless if you’re Canadian or not, you’ve likely found yourself in a bit of a conflicting situation regarding voting. When the time comes to cast your ballot, you realize that none of the candidates running for a position in government are worthy of your support, so you refrain from voting completely and rather remain in silence due to your indecision.

As logical as this approach may seem at the time of an election, I promise you that it is not a proactive way of engaging in your country’s political leadership.

The 2019 federal election here in Canada has garnered a significant amount of attention because of the candidates running. Many Canadians have stated that none of the party representatives and their political platforms appeal to them, likely contributing to the amount of Canadians that will not vote this year period.

As tempting as not voting may seem, I can assure you that remaining silent is more problematic than voting for someone you’re not totally supportive of.

I personally considered not participating in voting for this year’s election myself because I, too, am not confident with any of the candidates campaigns and promises. After doing some major thinking, though, I came to the realization that staying silent means my opinions towards our government would be invalid because I didn’t cast voting ballot. How can I offer my opinion if I didn’t contribute to the decision process in the first place?

I encourage all Canadians to do some research about all of the candidates running in order to determine which party we favour overall. Our voice is far more influential than we may believe, and we have the power to participate in something tremendous.

Please vote.

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