This is how to keep your poppy on your clothing

For many of us, wearing a poppy in the days leading up to Remembrance Day is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, as I’m sure many of us can attest to, keeping a poppy on clothing can be tricky, and every year, I’m certain I lose more than I did the previous.

I have good news, though; keeping a poppy from falling off or out of clothing is possible, an article from National Post says. In fact, the article offers several different ways in which a poppy can be secured in hopes of preventing it from being lost.

Use an eraser: “Either tear or cut off a bit of an eraser, push the pin through your coat then add the eraser bit to the end, and voila,” the article says.

Use duct tape: This is one I haven’t heard of before. Duct tape can be used to secure a poppy in two different ways. “The first is to push your poppy through your coat and tape the pin down, covering the entire needle. The second is to push the pin through, then wrap tape around the needle, preventing it from falling out,” the article explains.

Try a safety Pin: Removing the pin from a poppy and replacing it with a safety pin is an effective way to keep track of your poppy, the article recommends.

Use a lapel pin: “Remove the needle and push through a Canadian flag pin. Then take the back and clasp it down, securing the poppy in place,” says the article.

Try bending the pin: The article suggests using pliers to bend the end of the pin in the poppy to keep it from slipping out.

One other suggestion the article offers is to weave the pin of the poppy throughout your clothing’s material, but I’ve found this strategy to be rather ineffective for myself.

Do you have any tricks for keeping a poppy in place? If so, comment down below!

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