Looking for a way to control those flyaways? Try this product

If you’re someone who tend to use a lot of heat styling tools on your hair, it’s probable that you deal with flyaways. I’ve been using styling tools on my hair for years, and you can bet that I have a few with a mind of their own mostly on my scalp.

My flyaways are a result of breakage of my hair towards the root from using a straightener. I have a lot of flyaways around my face and down my part, and when you look like you stuck your finger in a lightbulb, it can be pretty frustrating. Flyaways are relentless bastards and they can be difficult to tame.

I may have found a solution to the flyaway battle, though. A few weeks ago I picked up the Frizz Be Gone super smoothing, anti-frizz hair serum from giovanni from a local Winners, and for a mere eight bucks, I’m pretty satisfied with the performance of this product thus far.

The consistency of this stuff is very much like that of an oil, so I prefer to put it in my hair when it’s still wet. The packaging says it can be used on both wet and dry hair, but I tried using on dry hair once and it made my hair look like a grease trap. I definitely recommend using it on wet hair as opposed to dry, but that’s just me.

This serum not only helps to take flyaways, but it also gives hair an incredibly healthy sheen. When I use this product I look like I’ve just left a ritzy salon, and I sure as shit don’t mind.

If flyaways are a source of irritation in your life, try out this product. It may or may not help, but for the price it’s listed as at Winners, you can’t really go wrong.

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