This is how to get rid of those pesky flyaways for good

I wrote a post a little while ago discussing a hair serum I purchased in an attempt to tame my unruly flyaways. I’m still using giovanni’s Frizz Be Gone, and I stand by what I said about it being a great product. But, I’m pleased to share that I’ve come across another delightfully effective product in the context of flyaways, and at this point, I think I have to recommend it over the giovanni one.

I first heard about the HairFeel Stick via Instagram. An advertisement for the product popped up in my feed, and upon seeing a video of how awesome this stuff is, I started to conduct a little bit of research. I found nothing but positive reviews of this product, so I decided to take a risk and try it out for myself.

Retailing for roughly $17, this product is available for purchase from the HairFeel website, which is how I got my hands on some. I made my purchase when the site was offering a buy one get one 50 per cent off sale, so I picked up two.

According to the HairFeel website, “The HairFeel Stick is designed as a convenient solution for flyawaysbaby hairs, and stray ends. It holds your hair perfectly in place using natural plant oils and helps you achieve your desired styles while strengthening and conditioning your hair.”

I’m always a little leery about the reliability of a product until I’ve tried it out for myself, and holy shit, let me be the first to tell you that this stuff works. I cannot believe how well it holds down flyaways, and you do not need a lot of product to see results. This product comes in a tube that resembles mascara, and contains a wand applicator as well. You simply apply the product to your flyaways with the teethed wand, smoothing them down in the process, and in no time you have a slick and tidy hairstyle with zero persistent baby hairs.

This stuff is absolutely worth trying, and I continue to be blown away with its capabilities. Check it out for yourself if you’ve had enough with your own frizzy flyaways.

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