These are some of the world’s most haunted locations

Haunted locations are, to me, absolutely fascinating. I find the paranormal realm to be absolutely fascinating in general, as you likely know by now if you’ve been following my blog, so I like to take the opportunity to write about it whenever possible.

An article from Business Insider unveiled the seven most haunted mansions and castles across the globe, and they’re certainly worth taking a closer look at.

One of the first locations listed is the Chaonei No. 81, or the Chaonei Church in Beijing, China. It’s been named as Beijing’s most highly celebrated haunted houses, and many disappearances have been affiliated with the location.

Next on the list is the Château de Trécesson in Brittany, France. This spot is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a woman who was actually buried alive somewhere on the property.

Next on the list is the Morgan House in Kalimpong, India. This location is believed to be haunted by a woman who used to live in the house, Ms. Morgan, and it is said that she passed away in the home and was tortured by her husband before her death.

Casa Loma in Toronto also made the list. Believe it or not, this castle has been experiencing ghostly activity since the 1930s.

Also mentioned? Kellie’s Castle in Batu Gajah, which is actually considered to be the most haunted spot in Malaysia.

The Casa de la Poesia in Bogota, Columbia, is also mentioned in the article. Supposedly, this location is haunted by poet Jose Asuncion Silva who lived there at one time.

Last but not least is the Charleville Castle in County Offaly, Ireland. Supposedly, this castle is among the most haunted places in Europe.

While I certainly haven’t visited any of these locations myself, I would like to make out to some of them at some point.

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