These were the most budget-friendly travel destinations of 2019

Travelling is something many of us would like to do more of, however, the costs affiliated with exploring the world can be a little high. Between flights, hotels, meals and shopping, costs can add up quickly, and unfortunately, vacations can often cause more stress than they do joy in the context of money.

Not to worry, though. According to an article from Forbes, these 18 locations made the cut for being the most budget-friendly vacation destinations in 2019, and I thought I would share them with you in case you’re itching for a getaway but not the costs.

  1. San Antonio, Texas
  2. Puebla, Mexico
  3. Hawaii
  4. St. Helena
  5. Province of Laguna, Philippines
  6. The Balkan Peninsula
  7. Agra, India
  8. Budapest, Hungary (I can personally attest to the beauty of this location. It is absolutely worth visiting)
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  10. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
  11. South Africa
  12. Zanzibar
  13. Armenia
  14. Serbia
  15. Transylvania, Romania
  16. George Town, Penang, Malaysia
  17. Moscow, Russia
  18. Taipei, Taiwan

Be sure to take a look at the article itself, linked above, for information pertaining to each location and what makes it worth visiting.

Aside from Budapest, I personally haven’t been to any of the locations on this list. I’ve done a decent amount of travelling in my life, but I haven’t traveled anywhere for probably 10 years or so. I’d love to do some more down the road, so articles like these are incredibly beneficial as I’m not looking to empty my bank account for a vacation.

Out of the places I have traveled to, some of the destinations that stand out for a variety of reasons include Hungary, Italy, England, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. All of these areas are incredibly different from each other, but they each offer something that is unique to them. If I could re-visit any of them, it would be England, but I would to explore more of Europe in general.

What are your travel bucket list destinations?

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