Feeling bloated? Try these at-home treatments

Bloating is an unfortunate happening that affects almost all of us at some point. Whether we eat something that disagrees with our digestive system, or perhaps try something new and run into an adverse reaction, being bloated truly sucks, and it’s a very uncomfortable situation to experience.

Not to fret, though. As it turns out, there are several at-home remedies for bloating that just about anyone can try, according to an article from Healthline, and these tips have the potential to save you from having to head over to your local drugstore to pick up some Tums.

One thing you can try in an attempt to alleviate bloating is consuming a bit of peppermint as it has been proven through studies that it can calm Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Be sure to speak to your doctor about trying peppermint, though, as it can hinder iron absorption and interfere with specific medications.

Another route you can take to combat bloating is chamomile tea as it can assist with minimizing indigestion, bloating and gas. Try sipping on a cup from time to time to see if it works for you.

Apple cider vinegar is also a great option for reducing symptoms of bloating. Try mixing a tablespoon in with some water and drink the solution right before a meal, or whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable.

One other option for minimizing the sensations of being bloated is a bit of exercise. Moving the body can help free trapped gas, so try going for a brisk walk to loosen things up, or try jumping rope if you’re able to.

Granted, there are several pills and supplements that can be used to reduce bloating symptoms, but if you’re hoping to stick to a more natural, at-home route, consider some of these options, and make sure you check out the entire article from Healthline.

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