It’s okay to be working in a job unrelated to your field

Finding a job you’re qualified for can be tricky nowadays. It seems as though more and more people are struggling to find work in their area of expertise, and I know that for some of us, this is a troubling realization.

Right now I am working at a golf course. In my job I do some bar tending, cleaning, I tend to customers, and I run the indoor golf simulators. Considering I went to school for five years and have my Bachelors of Honours English and my post-graduate public relations certification, some may think that it’s unfortunate that I’m not working a job that’s affiliated with what I studied.

I disagree.

I worked two jobs right out school that were in my field, and neither were a great experience. I gained knowledge and life lessons from working in these jobs without a doubt, but I was also miserable, I was driving an hour and a half one way to get to work, and the pay was shit.

In my current job at the golf course, I’m pretty content, I have a five-minute commute, and I’m making more money than I was when I was working in jobs I’m technically qualified for.

When you stop to consider how many people are working at jobs outside of their area of expertise, I think it’s far to say it’s more common than we realize. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to work at something we’re not necessarily qualified for than it is to work at a job that is applicable to our skills and knowledge. Taking a risk and stepping outside of our comfort zones can present more advantages than disadvantages at times, and I assure you, it is 100 per cent okay if you’re content in a job that isn’t affiliated with your credentials.

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