Are the Oscars worth the hype?

As we’re arguably all aware, the Oscars, otherwise known as The Academy Awards, took place a short while ago. I personally didn’t watch, and I normally don’t. But, I know quite a few people who do, and after giving this award show some thought, I wanted to delve into the topic a bit further and discuss whether or not the entire evening is worth all of the hype it gets.

I actually heard on the radio that this year’s Oscar ceremony cost roughly $15 million to produce. When you watch the show, it’s not hard to understand why so much money goes into the creation of the event. But, after giving it some thought, 15 million is an awful lot of money to spend on one evening, especially when it is spent on some of the wealthiest men and women who walk the planet.

I realize I’m being a tad passive aggressive, but ’tis my opinion.

I love movies, and I can certainly appreciate the amount of time, effort and talent that goes into producing one. Do I think movies require such an extravagant evening to highlight and give praise to some of the best of them in a given year? Absolutely not. And, for the record, I feel the same way about any type of award show, regardless of the industry it supports. Not just the Oscars.

By no means am I attempting to offend or insult anyone who does enjoy watching the Oscars, because everyone is entitled to their own interests and passions. That being said, I do find the Oscars to be excessively hyped, and I think it’s sad to consider the money that goes into it that could be used to benefit those who could truly use it.

What’s your take? Are the Oscars too hyped, or does it warrant the attention?

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