Here’s how to do a manicure at home

As wonderful as it is to sport some freshly manicured nails, consistently going to a salon to have them done professionally can become pretty expensive. When I was a student, I would get my nails done every two weeks or so, and after a couple of months, I decided to give it up because of the costs associated with it.

Having manicured nails doesn’t have to cost a fortune, though. In fact, it’s pretty easy to keep your nails looking groomed at home, and with a few supplies and tools, you may not have to visit a nail salon ever again.

Here’s how to manicure your nails in the comfort of your home, according to Glamour:

  1. Start by removing any polish from your nails by using some nail polish remover
  2. Next, clip, file, and buff your nails. All you need for this step is a nail file and some clippers, which many of us have at home already
  3. Now you can push your cuticles back by softening them with some lotion or cream. Try to avoid cutting them, though, as they actually protect nails from bacteria and help to keep them soft
  4. Use a scrub, either store-bought or homemade, to exfoliate your hands and remove any grime and/or dead skin cells from the fingers and hands
  5. After exfoliating, apply some moisturizer to your hands, and feel free to give yourself a little hand massage in the process
  6. Apply a base coat polish to your nails to ensure polish goes on smooth and to help it last longer on the nails
  7. Apply your desired polish, allow to dry, and apply another coat if necessary
  8. Toss some top coat on once the second layer of polish has dried
  9. Once things are nice and dried, clean up any mistakes with a q-tip and some nail polish remover

And just like that, you’ve given yourself a salon-grade manicure at home, and you’ve saved some money in the process. Not bad, eh?

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