Here are some of Ontario’s most haunted locations

I’ve professed my interest in the paranormal and supernatural realm a few times already here on my blog. I haven’t written any content relative to this subject matter in a little while, and because I’m missing discussing one of my favourite topics of interest, I thought we could circle back to all things haunted and focus on some spooky locations right here in Ontario, Canada.

These particular locations are situated in Western Ontario, and this information comes from

#1) The Donnelly Farm in Lucan-Biddulph: “The story of the Donnelly massacre, in which a vigilante mob slaughtered a brawling family in 1880, is notorious. Today, people feel unexplained physical touches or even pressure inside the Donnellys’ old barn when nobody’s there, while disembodied footsteps and voices are heard throughout the house rebuilt on the site of the original Donnelly home,” the article says.

#2) The Grand Theatre in London: “Another legendary Canuck tale: the 1919 disappearance of self-made millionaire Ambrose Small. His ghost has been reported at his flagship theatre, where he has been spotted on the balcony and catwalks or floating above the audience during performances. Poltergeist activity has also occurred there,” according to the article.

#3) The Middlesex County Jail in London: “Still in use as a courthouse, this former prison may also be the permanent residence of one Marion ‘Peg-Leg’ Brown, a one-legged cowboy from Texas who was hung for murder there in 1899. Reports of weird nighttime noises and the apparition of a man with a peg leg have circulated ever since,” the article explains.

#4) The Galt Collegiate Institute in Cambridge: “Ontario’s oldest continuously operating educational institution may also be the residence of the ghost of its first headmaster, as well as students killed in both World Wars. Students have reported the scent of pipe smoke on the top floor and the sounds of boys whispering in the empty main-floor corridor,” the article states.

#5) The Regional Mental Health Centre Building in St. Thomas: “Lots of unexplained activity at this now-closed former mental hospital, which first opened in 1939. Curtains move on their own; lights flick on and off by themselves; and mysterious sounds range from sudden bangs to disembodied whispers and crying,” as detailed in the article.

#5) The Old Oxford County Courthouse and Jail in Woodstock: “The removal of the death mask of Thomas Cook – an alleged wife murderer executed in the 1860s – from an archway entrance in 1982 reportedly triggered a series of bizarre occurrences, including flickering lights and a ghostly face in an air-duct tunnel… until the mask was hung back up again,” the article says.

#6) Texas Road in Amherstburg: “This country road has been a source of paranormal rumours for generations, although consistent stories are hard to come by. One legend tells of a woman who was decapitated in a farming accident. Now her spirit wanders down the road, searching for her head,” according to the article.

Some of these places aren’t too far from where I live, and now that I have a little more knowledge about haunted locations in my own backyard, I just might have to check some of them out one of these days.

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