Praise for AC/DC

Rock music is, without a doubt, my preferred genre of music. More specifically, classic rock that originated in the 60s and continued to the early 90s, and I am pretty committed to keeping these phenomenal tracks alive within my own generation and hopefully future ones as well.

I have my favourites when it comes to the rock and roll genre, some of which include Queen, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, Janice Joplin, Chuck Berry, and, of course, AC/DC. And, in case you haven’t heard, AC/DC released a new single not too long ago titled ‘Shot in the Dark,’ and it’s pretty damn awesome.

When I first heard speculation that AC/DC was potentially reviving their legendary career after a break, I was pumped. I didn’t want to allow myself to get my hopes up too high, though, in case it turned out not to be true. You can likely imagine my delight when ‘Shot in the Dark’ dropped, then, followed by the official music video for it which was just released a few days ago, and I’m seriously looking forward to when their new album is released come November.

Considering what this band has endured throughout its career in the music world, I think it is pretty incredible they are still producing new and fantastic music. They lost their original singer, Bon Scott, in the 80s, quickly replaced him with Brian Johnson, had issues with their drummer on and off (and underwent a few replacements), almost had to replace Brian due to health complications, and ultimately lost Malcolm not too long ago. And yet, here they are, still banging out the classic AC/DC sound with plenty of energy and grit that is expected of these lads.

2020 has been a shit show, but AC/DC’s new single and album has been a welcome occurrence and has helped make this year more tolerable. I’m seriously looking forward to hearing the rest of their new material come November, as I am sure many others are, too.

Long live rock.

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