Why are we still talking about Princess Diana?

I would like to begin this post by making it clear that I am not, in any manner, trying to insinuate that Princess Diana isn’t worth talking about, even so many years after her passing. Because, really, she is worth eternal discussion as she truly was a wonderful woman.

What I am meaning when I ask why we are still talking about her is that I find it somewhat problematic that, as of late, it seems as though more and more information pertaining to Diana and her role as princess seems to be surfacing. For example, I recently read an article regarding Diana and her supposed loveless relationship with her husband, and another detailing how Diana dealt with Bulimia while she was princess.

I respect the fact that some of us are very interested in the Royal Family and enjoy keeping up with them and their lives. But considering how long Diana has been gone, I question not only the validity of recent information coming to light about her, and further, I doubt constant reporting of her and her antics is reassuring to her friends, family and loved ones who arguably miss and grieve her with each passing day.

What is the purpose, importance, or even relevance of contemporary reporting of Diana and details specific to her private life? Often times, when new information affiliated with Diana is revealed, it is written in a negative and provocative manner. Why can we not simply respect her memory for her own sake and the sake of her family?

Diana was loved and adored by the world, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. She was, for a lot of us, a breath of fresh air when it comes to royalty, and she likely will never be forgotten. So why not allow her and her character to rest peacefully?

I for one think she deserves that.

Image from https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1584805536051-77f38cab1e58?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=1050&q=80

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