Bored? Check out these random but interesting facts

Don’t ask me why, but for whatever reason, I’ve always enjoyed learning and reading about facts pertaining to things I am unfamiliar with. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with learning, and sometimes knowing a thing or two about something rather odd can come in handy, for example, breaking the ice at a work party or something like that.

If you’re feeling bored or, like me, enjoy reading quirky facts, take a look at these interesting tidbits from

  • Competitive art was once part of the Olympics
  • There are precisely 100 pleats on a chef’s hat
  • The origins of the phrase ‘OMG’ can be traced back to 1917
  • There are cats that are actually allergic to human beings
  • Fat makes up a large component of the brain
  • Originally, men wore high heels
  • Stop signs haven’t always been red; they were once yellow
  • For a short time, New York was named New Orange
  • Andy Warhol was the inspiration for Louboutins shoe soles being red
  • Black sapote is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding
  • Queen Elizabeth II is, believe it or not, a trained mechanic
  • Dolphins give one another names
  • The bowler hat design was created as a safety measure
  • Giant squids have the biggest eyes of any animal on planet Earth
  • When a blob of toothpaste is sitting on a toothbrush, the proper term for the toothpaste is a nurdle
  • Parrots are capable of reasoning

I recommend checking out the full list of facts on the bestlife website as there is more information pertaining to each fact if you wish to know more about a certain one, or all of them. I find this assortment of information to be pretty neat, and I hope someone else out there reading this does as well.

What are some super random facts you know off hand? Leave a comment below for me to read!

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