The reality of raising a puppy

Puppies are, put simply, a shit load of work. They’re essentially like a baby in regards to their need to receive attention and love, and they’re also similar to babies in the sense that they require constant supervision and designated feeding times.

My family and I got a puppy just over a week ago. He is a blue heeler and is about 11 weeks old, and I am not exaggerating when I say the little guy does not run out of energy. He keeps all of us on our toes and is a phenomenal sense of entertainment.

We have raised dogs from when they were puppies in the past, therefore my family and I are aware of the amount of work, effort and dedication that goes into caring for a puppy. There are a lot of folks that are not aware of the work involved with getting a puppy, though, which often leads to dogs being abandoned because the responsibility they demand isn’t supported by their owners anymore, which is extremely sad.

I love animals and am very passionate about their welfare, so when I hear of instances in which pets have been left to fend for themselves because their owners have decided they’re not longer wanted, I become quite angry. This occurrence is one that should not happen but unfortunately does more often than it should.

I think more of us need to be made aware of just how much work is involved with raising and caring for a puppy, especially if we have never had one. Education and knowledge is vital when it comes to animal welfare, and if we can advocate for animals and their wants and needs, it may diminish the chances of pets being discarded. Pets are not something to be taken lightly if we wish to provide them with the best quality of life possible.

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